About Us

Colonial Films

It is the sheer passion and love for a cinematic experience in the guise of ad filmmaking that led to this unique collaboration of our two ‘Colonials’! We love our jobs, we give it our all and we do it for the experience more than anything else, and that's what makes us a favourite amongst our clients.

As a team, we strike a balance in terms of the roles that we play. We have a ‘Director’ whose creative taste has been developed after years of having worked on individual frames as an online editor and his strong yearning to create those frames first hand. And we have an ‘Executive Producer’ who has had a first hand experience of every step coming up the ladder from being the junior most production person to being a ‘Line Producer’ on a host of commercials in his free lance stint.

But the one thing we swear by is the acknowledgement of the fact that film making is a collaborative process and we value each and every person that participates in our process to help us churn out magic. We all value our people so much and it that reflects in our final product - because a happy team is always the most efficient team.

So all in all - we boost of quality films and at the same time a memorable experience while creating it. Because we value human interactions, quality deliverables and savoured aftertaste of contentment at the end of the project.
Pintu Mishra, Executive Producer

When Pintu Mishra set out of Allahabad almost fifteen years ago, he didn't have the slightest of idea that one day he would be sitting on the Producer's chair and delegating work to an unit of 100+ people. And it all happened to him so soon because not only is he a courageous dreamer but also the most hard working and focussed person on any set.

Over the years, he has garnered impeccable management skills to facilitate the most organised and detailed pre-production to hand over to the Director the shooting floor without any compromise for him to prosper. And then follow it up with the latest technology in terms of post production support and work. He is such a people's person and it is due to his various connections that he is famous for delivering any product, however complicated or time consuming, within the stipulated time frame and without any compromise on quality.

Contact : pintu@colonialfilms.com

Nitish Sharma, Director

Nitish’ entry into the world of filmmaking took place two decades ago, starting as a production assistant and working his way up the ladder. Gaining crucial hands-on experience through the years, he first set his sights on learning how to operate the camera, and then went on to become an editor for ad films and features. Starting off from Delhi in 1997, and shifting to Mumbai in 2001, he was gaining the know-how needed for him to get to the director’s chair. This grounds-up approach gave him a strict work ethic that is one of his strongest assets.

Nitish firmly believes in the collaborative school of filmmaking. While the director is the captain of the ship, Nitish believes in getting the best out of the team. Only when the team works in tandem with a free flow of ideas can it result in consistent quality. This attitude can be seen on Nitish’ sets - they are known for being run like a well oiled machine, a peaceful and fun loving place to be.

Over the course of X ad films, Nitish has worked with the best of the industry, shooting for brands like Panasonic, Yakult, HP, Honor, Yardley, Kenstar, Dabur, Yardley, Dabur, Nivea, covering celebs like ShahRukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar,Katrina Kaif, Sunny Leone, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha, etc.

Consistently delivering on films above and beyond expectaitons, Nitish believes in pushing himself further by taking on greater challenges.